Authorized service center

An automation of business processes, financial accounting, goods movements in a manufacturing area provides for implementation of an IT infrastructure. The creation of such a system from scratch or the upgrade an old database is inherently connected with finding hardware-software solutions.

Caspel company offers an expert customer support on all stages of the preparation of a new IT infrastructure. The features of our service:

  • purchase of equipment — cooperating with leading equipment manufacturers, we are able to fully equip a company with necessary electronics at a cost, equal to a purchase price;
  • installation of computer systems – our employees are specialists in the IT sector, who will equip an office, configure all the PC and peripherals, do a test run of systems;
  • software selection – System administrators will provide a software package that allows you to automate the processes of information exchange in a company and to monitor the work of each team member;
  • implementation of topical solutions – we are offering the development of financial, personnel and record keeping applications with the addition of the desired functions, for example, the ERP system with a custom set of functions.

A long-term work in this area allows our engineers to quickly provide a comprehensive support to customers without having to spend time and money on the search of skilled workers separately.

Benefits of our service

The actuality of the issue of IT security remains at a high level regardless of financial resources allocated for the implementation of the project on this issue. Our company offers optimal solutions for a business with limited funding, focusing solely on the effective performance of protection systems.

The priority tasks of each project are:

  • instant response to a customer's request;
  • search of the most progressive solutions in a particular issue;
  • selection of professional equipment at wholesale rates;
  • installation of a modern, adapted for the needs of a company, software for a PC network.

The partnership with Caspel company will ensure a 24/7 technical support and smooth functioning of the IT infrastructure of a company and the implementation of the proposed plan.