Disaster-proof data center services

One of the most important features of data processing centers (DPC) is to ensure a proper disaster-proof level. This word refers to the ability of an information system to restore serviceability and access to stored data in a short period of time after the emergency.

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Key methods of providing such characteristics of a data center are:

  • the establishment of data centers;
  • proper component distribution of DPC;
  • creation of information subsystems at a large distance from each other;
  • connection of system elements to different energy sources as a measure to prevent a system's total shutdown due to problems with the power supply.

Since any technically complex system cannot be fully protected from failure, the only way to ensure the normal functioning of your business is the reduction of the accidents' criticality level in a data center. The organization of a disaster-proof data center always requires a delicate organization of standby data transmission channels, the constant information replication between remote storages and the development of planned backing up mechanics and effective resumption of systems operation that ensure the information actuality on all stages of a data center. In addition to the communication channel capacity, a delay, occurring during data transfer, can be critical.

The use of data centers is effective measure, allowing to quickly recover stored data that has been damaged by natural or industrial accidents, affecting entirely a server node. The recovery speed of information services is provided by the architecture used in the technical device of a backup center, being in fact a data center, which backs up services, that are critical for the resumption of a main system operation.

A backup center serves as a full scope information storage, vital to the proper functioning of services. Development of measures ensuring the timely transfer of key services into a backup center in case of failures at the main data center, - the most important measure of disaster-proof provision. The transferring is carried out in automatic or manual mode, moreover, the automation is used in cases where the recovery should not exceed a few minutes, or if there's no need for additional qualified personnel.

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