Personnel management through the ERP system

Implementing an ERP system provides full automation of the work of the personnel department, which can significantly speed up the process of searching, grouping and correct information about the company's staff.

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The use of technology in the units responsible for the recruitment, in personnel and accounting departments helps simplify record keeping and full control officials collaborative framework.

Differences of this system are systematized all the data about the enterprise human resources. This card is done separately for each employee, which carries the following information:

  • personal data - include a standard form of personnel records, residential address and family composition, health, group disability, retirement age, photos, other;
  • professional achievements - contain data on education, qualifications, experience, skills, previous jobs, knowledge of languages, awards, promotions, information on scientific studies, etc;
  • work schedule - information about holidays, periods of use and exceptional refunds, trips, violations of labor discipline, accruals, bonuses, length of service with the list of hazards, etc.

Installation of ERP provides a simplification of collecting intelligence, databases and personnel management, the establishment of points of communication between departments and staff management capabilities.

ERP capabilities in personnel records

The ERP system allows you to store huge information flow with tincture of access to resources. Thus, maintaining the base frame is made by the staff, endowed with such powers.

System Startup lets you:

  • simplify the work of the personnel department;
  • organize information for each employee in a single database;
  • eliminate the possibility of loss of the data;
  • track the history of the development of staff;
  • monitor the activities of every employee;
  • keep statistics on staffing in real time;
  • instantly make changes to the database.

This provides tighter integration of information on labor and financial resources, which allows you to monitor the activities of the enterprise and cash masses.

Company CASPEL independently develops ERP, which allows the system to adjust to the peculiarities of a particular enterprise, eliminating unneeded features and adding expired.

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